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AusculTech masters the non-destructive testing technologies used to evaluate the condition of concrete structures. Below are some of the services we offer :

In-situ characterization of concrete properties

  • Estimation of compressive strength
  • Estimation of modulus of elasticity
  • Characterization of homogeneity
  • Variation in water content
  • Variation in chloride content

Investigation of infrastructure geometry

  • Thickness measurement of concrete slabs
  • Pavement layer thickness evaluation
  • Length determination of unknown foundation depths
  • Detection and localisation of rebars, cables and pipings in concrete
  • Measurement of distance between rebars or cables in concrete
  • Determination of anchorage length

Detection of damage

  • Detection of honeycombs and voids
  • Detection of cracks and spalling
  • Detection of voids under concrete slabs and pavement
  • Evaluation of corrosion (reinforcement, cables, anchorage systems, etc.)
  • Detection of voids in injection ducts
  • Control of waterproofing membranes
  • Measurement of vibrations
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