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AusculTech offers personalized training sessions aimed at :

  • providing you with overall knowledge of non-destructive testing techniques applied to concrete, reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete,
  • giving you the knowledge necessary to understand and use non-destructive testing methods,
  • helping you choose the appropriate method in terms of possibilities and limitations relative to the problems encountered.

Based on numerous practical situations, the training sessions also aim to show how these techniques can improve management and optimize the repair of civil engineering structures.

These courses are organized with your needs in mind. Our objective is to make sure you get the training you need for your employees. These training sessions can be very general or deal more specifically with one or several of the following themes:

  • NDT of bridges
  • NDT of pavement
  • NDT of tunnels
  • NDT of dams
  • NDT of multi-level parking garages
  • NDT of underground conduits
  • NDT of jointing chambers
  • NDT of historical buildings


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on these training sessions.

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